German language for beginners & more


Simple German is a website to introduce you to the German language and to encourage you to visit a german-speaking country to practise.

It starts with the very basics of pronunciation, greetings, introductions etc. and moves on to other practical examples that you may find helpful.

The lessons are progressive and beginners are advised to start at chapter 1 and work through from there. Visitors who have some previous experience of German (or those that just can't wait) can use the menu at the top to jump to any topic they choose.

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We wish you happy and fruitful learning.

Tourist InfoGoing to a German speaking country? Learn how to find out                            what is worth seeing in the local area, opening and                            closing times, cost of entry etc.
                           Click here for
RestaurantsBooking a table, talking to the waiter/waitress, ordering food.                            Even a copy of an example menu you can print.
                           Click here for
DirectionsWhere are you going? How do you get there? No longer should your                            first question be 'Do you speak English?'.
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